We’ve updated the language in our pricing to better outline any additional charges that may occur during revisions. All possible fees are outlined below and in our FAQ.

Different Fabric Types
Each additional : $5

Sizing Enlargement
0-19%: $5
20-99%: $15
100% on up: New Order

Sizing Reduction
99-80%: $5
79-51%: $15
50% or less: New Order

Up to 10 names are included in the $30 price. Any extra names are $3 per name.

This is for separate stock lettering only. Not for adding a stock name below/above a logo.

Change or addition of text
For a change of year (2016 to 2017): $5
For a word or short line: $10
Beyond a line of text or back of hats: $15

Full Backs and text with outlines (Production determines charge).

$45 Size needs to be “left chest size” for it to work for hats.

Puff-3D Foam
No extra charge for new puff order
Puff to flat or vice versa: New Order

Cap or Visor Files
Making a cap file from a flat file: $15 revision
Making a visor file from a cap file: $15 revision


If you are unsure about the total cost of your project or have additional questions, please contact our staff at digitizing@ignitiondrawing.com or 253-284-0733 ext.2